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David and his crew worked miracles on our backyard. When we moved into our home, the backyard was a mini disaster - broken concrete everywhere, falling walls, dead grass, an uninviting patio space with broken stairs - basically, unusable. We contacted David to help us see what could be done. We couldn't imagine it would be fixable without a complete demo and rebuild. But David was able to walk us through and show us how our yard could not only be usable, but upgraded with attractive features, using its existing "character" to build on. From the early design stage to the actual construction, David and his crew were organized, detailed, and incredibly clear on the vision. They worked with us on our budget to ensure we had a project we would be happy with. They added a DG pathway, a custom redwood bench with storage, a patio overhaul with travertine tile and a redwood railing, a redwood pergola and even a garden reminiscent of an arboretum with its very own river rock path! We trusted David and his crew, and they delivered a long-term backyard that our family and friends could enjoy for years.Read More

David and his workers, Francisco and Jose, are the best! They did a fantastic job on my backyard installing pavers and a large deck. The design went through many changes until we settled on the final one with David's help. It turned out beautifully with curved lines and materials that complement the rest of the large yard. Drainage has always been a problem, so multiple drains were added and grading was done to channel the water out and away from the house. I chose composite decking material which should last for decades, probably long after I'm gone. It looks great, I couldn't be happier. Lots of attention to detail and the job was done neatly, respectfully, and professionally. Finally, don't forget to add low voltage LED lighting. Oh, what a dramatic difference it makes after the sun goes down! Lighting really enhances your investment.Read More

David from DC Landscaping designed and constructed our backyard and we love the result. He did pavers, a patio cover, grass, and clean up. On his first consultation, he brought a landscape designer (also a landscape design professor at Cal Poly Pomona) and gave us the option of a professional design rendering. We didn't go that route, since we were looking for a basic backyard design. Nevertheless, with David's own eye for design, it came out beautifully. He consulted on styles and designs along the way. He provided options, what was necessary and what was optional, that best fit our budget. He is very customer service oriented, rare in the contractor world; a true professional. I especially liked how he reused material where possible, to keep costs down and to keep waste from going to a landfill. We did have to wait a few months after placing a deposit, which shows how in demand he is. If you are planning on working with DC, make sure you place your deposit as soon as possible.Read More

Reasons why we love DC Landscape: -David does the job because he loves it and cares about both the process and the results. -He has a solid crew that does quality work and pays attention to detail. -David provides has a long-term focus so that whatever he develops and implements can be enhanced in the future without having to do a lot of rework. -We trust David's word because it's followed by his actions and follow-through. Of course, there are delays and sometimes miscommunication (to be expected for a big job) but he worked out the details and took time to explain, clarify, and confirm information. -David did what he could to keep costs lower without compromising quality. The job DC Landscape did for us was an entire backyard redesign. He added much needed drains (and was thoughtful about grading/placement), concrete for our patio area and side yard, retaining walls, DG path, native CA vegetation, sod, and a nice little orchard (his idea, which we love!). We are extremely happy with our yard, the process, and the level of service provided by DC Landscape. Highly recommended!Read More

We finally got around to redoing the concrete in the backyard. David was one of four contractors from whom we received a quote. David wasn't the least expensive, but he was the most honest and patient to explain everything to me. We ended up replacing about 1450sq ft of concrete for pavers. I love, love, love our backyard now. I often just look outside just because. David was very responsive to what we wanted to do, knowledgeable, and sensitive to our budget. I have already recommended him to a friend and will recommend him every time someone asks about a landscape contractor. He is the absolute best. (Note - we did not redo the grass so ignore that in the pictures. Just look at the pavers and design.)Read More

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